The “blog title” is the first thing which your readers see’s and then only wants to click the link to read more about your blog post. So, it should be so attractive & catchy that people could not refrain themselves to click and read your article. In this article, I will share a few websites which help you to generate blog titles for free.


Free Tools to Generate Blog Titles


Sometimes, it happens that we are out of ideas and cannot think of a new blog title. We know the main keyword on which we are going to write the article, but thinking out of the box ‘blog title’ sometimes is a big headache.

So read along and find out more about these blog title generators.


What is Blog Title & Title Generator Tool?


First of all, let’s start with what is blog title?

In a very simple term, it is nothing but the headline of the article. It is the first thing which viewers notice without even opening your article.

Blog title should be compelling and in one read your viewers should what they gonna read in the article. Don’t just click-bait, actually provide the information in the article as related to your blog title.

Now, let’s talk about ‘blog title generator‘.

As the name suggests, it is a tool to generate titles. Sometimes as a human being we are out of titles & ideas, so we take help from automated tools and website to suggest some titles depending upon our keyword and make our work easy.

Let’s see some of the free tools to generate blog titles in no time. The most surprising thing about these tools is that you don’t have to create an account or give your email to use them.


Free Tools to Generate Mind Blowing Blog Titles


1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator

This is a very interesting tool with a great user interface. You just have to put the main keyword for which you want to generate the blog title in the space provided and hit the enter key.


Portents Content Idea Generator


Once your blog title is on the screen, you will see different comments for the words it has used to generate the title. If you are not satisfied, just hit the revise button and you will get the new title.

To get the best results from this tool, use the singular version of the main keywords and don’t use capital word keyword.


2. Blog Title Generator by SEOPressor

As the name suggests it is a title generator tool by SEOPressor and allows you to generate blog titles for free. To generate the impressive blog title, just put the main keyword as shown below and select the description from the dropdown list which basically defines your keyword.


Blog title generator


If you are not satisfied with your blog title, just refresh and get the new blog title. This is also one of the very simple blog title generators.


3. Blog Title Generator by Fatjoe

This is another best tool to generate your catchy titles for your next article. It is from the company called Fatjoe and at once you can generate 10 blog titles. They claim that you can generate unlimited blog tiles for free i.e without any restriction.


Blog Title Generator by Fatjoe


The best way to use this tool is to generate the first 10 ideas and then again click on “new topic” to generate more blog title ideas by giving the same keyword. I bet you won’t see all the titles same again.


4. Title Generator / Headline Generator

If you want to see hundreds of title ideas at one go then this is the tool for you. This free blog title generator will give you 700 blog titles at one go. You just have to put your keyword and relax.


Title Generator


This tools basically generate title or heading for almost anything like blog posts, news headlines, Ad campaign titles, E-mail subject lines, emotional titles, etc. It is a very simple tool and gives you 700 blog titles in 3 pages. It is a very simple tool and delivers impressive results. You shoudl try this tool.


5. Blog Title Generator by Impact

This free tool is a little different from all the above ones. Not only it gives the idea for blog titles, but it also gives you a new idea about what to blog. If you are running out of inspiration and thinking what to blog about today, so this tool can help you.


Blog Title Generator by Impact


As seen above, once you have made the choice to blog about some topic (in the above image it is time-saving), just click on next to see the titles.

Now, it will show you a title along with space which you can fill with your own keyword or a power word and the can press heart to save it to your list which you can email yourself later on. Isn’t this tool intriguing?


Wrap Up


After reading this post completely, I am sure you will not run out of blogging ideas and blog titles. If you are currently using any tool which is not in this list and is also free, please let me know through your comments.

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