There are multiple ways to increase your website or blog visibility and submitting a guest post is one of them. There are thousands of website which accept guest post. It may be free or paid, but the main objective is to get more eyeballs to the submitter website. In this article, we will see some of the high domain authority (DA) technology websites which accept guest posts or articles.


High DA Technology Websites to Submit Guest Posts


What is a Guest Post?

In very simple terms, a guest post is an article submitted to someone else website for publication. It contains relevant article as per target website niche along with guest post writer’s information like his website detail, social network information, introduction, etc.

Sometime, it will only contain writers website link in some middle paragraph as the writer might not be interested in sharing his bio. It also has many advantages if done rightly, which we will list below.


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Benefits of Guest Post

Now you know what is a guest post, let us see what are some of the benefits of it.

  • Link building for website.
  • We all know how important is link building for a website. If you will submit a guest post to a high authority website and it gets selected, then you will have a high authority backlink for your website.

    If you don’t know what is link building then read this article from Moz.

  • More traffic from target website.
  • If you submit an engaging guest post with your bio having your own website link and social profiles, then people will be curious to check your website and connect with you, which means more people would like to read your article, hence it will increase your website traffic.

  • Increase in Domain Authority (DA) down the line.
  • As I said above, link building is vital for any website. With a backlink from a high authority website, you will see the boost in your website domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA) which are very important metrics of a website.

  • Exposure to the writer.
  • Not all the people submit guest posts for backlinks. Some are only there to show their writing skills so that they can put those guest posts links in their resume and get a good job in the writing field. Big news and magazine websites like such kind of writers which show a sample of their work while applying for a job.

    I think that is also a good way of showing your writing skills to the whole Internet world without a website.

  • More social media followers.
  • Another benefit of submitting guest posts is the increase in social media followers. It is similar to getting more traffic to your website. Readers check the introduction of the writer and tend to connect with him/her on social media.

  • Opportunities for earning.
  • Don’t be surprised. Yes, you can earn money online for submitting guest posts to high domain authority websites. There are a hell lot of digital marketing agencies which pay you money for a guest post. You can provide them your list where you can submit guest posts and the compensation you would require for your time. That’s it.

    We have seen people getting $200-250 for submitting a guest post on websites having DA of 55 and above. It is a very lucrative business if you get a hold of it.


    List of 30+ High DA Technology Websites to Submit Guest Posts


    1. DA 93
    2. DA 92
    3. DA 92
    4. DA 92
    5. DA 88
    6. DA 84
    7. DA 80
    8. DA 79
    9. DA 79
    10. DA 77
    11. DA 77
    12. DA 70
    13. DA 66
    14. DA 63
    15. DA 59
    16. DA 58
    17. DA 58
    18. DA 56
    19. DA 56
    20. DA 55
    21. DA 54
    22. DA 54
    23. DA 50
    24. DA 50
    25. DA 48
    26. DA 46
    27. DA 46
    28. DA 46
    29. DA 44
    30. DA 43
    31. DA 42
    32. DA 39
    33. DA 38
    34. DA 34
    35. DA 32


    These were some of the high-quality technology websites where you can submit your guest posts. If you know any other tech websites which have domain authority 32 and above and accepting guest posts, please let me know through your comments.

    If you like this post, please do not hesitate to share it with your blogger friends who would like to submit a guest post.

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